China Project


Strategic Scientific and Technological Innovation International Cooperation Special Funds, the National Key Research and Development Program of China ---- 'Study on avian major infectious diseases prevention and control and the development of international scientific and technological cooperation platform'

Scope of collaboration and tasks assignment
In the program, HVRI/CAAS is the auspices organization, while University of Udayana is the participant. The project leader of  University of Udayana team is Prof. Dr. I Gusti Ngurah Mahardika. The assignment of University of Udayana partner: (1) Based on the existing laboratory in University of Udayana, to develop the twinning laboratory in Indonesia  of 'the international cooperation platform for avain disease detection and monitoring'; to perform epidemiology study about avian serious diseases (incuding Avian influenza, Newcastle disease, etc) and key immunosuppressive diseases (including Infectious bursal disease, Marek's disease); Isolation and identification of virus-strains and determine the predominant strains in Indonesia. Share the relevant data with  the international cooperation platform. (2) Based on technological achievements from China and the exsiting research basises from Indonesia, to develop and demonstrate avian disease comprehensive preventing & controlling techniques suitable for Indonesia, including quality evaluation of vaccine, cross-protection of vaccine, immune procedure optimization, comprehensive preventing & controlling methods, to promote the preventing & controlling level against avian disease.
3.  Assessment index
The assessment indexes for the partner of University of Udayana are as the flowing.
3.1- Development and operation one twinning laboratory in Indonesia, belonging to ‘the international cooperation platform for avian disease detection and monitoring’.
3.2- Isolation and identification 40 virus-strains of avian main infectious disease; Confirmation of the predominant strains in Indonesia.
3.3- As the main participator, demonstration of a set of technique of avian disease comprehensive prevention and control technique for Indonesia.
3.4- Develop training of avian disease prevention and control for Indonesian technicians at least 2 times.
3.5- Send 5 scientists to China for cooperative study, 6 months for each time.
3.6- Publish 2-3 research papers.
4.  Funding
4.1 – 0.84 million Yuan (RMB), from the total budget 8.39 million Yuan (RMB), will be allotted to University of Udayana partner.
4.2 - Any funds will be used in the way the request is presented to the funder and for which the funder makes the award.
5.   Intellectual property
5.1 - The Parties agree that all results, whether patentable or not, shall be owned by the party creating them.
5.2 - Each party agrees that all background knowledge brought to a project or created outside the scope of the project shall remain the property of the party introducing it. The Parties shall be permitted to use such knowledge directly related to the project solely for that purpose.
5.3 - Each party can demand to postpone the other party’s publication of results from this project to permit timely filing of a patent application, if such delays are requested in writing by a party undertaking the patenting of this invention.
5.4 - Intellectual property rights developed through this collaboration will be determined by the Parties on a project-by-project basis. Intellectual property management, including third party rights, if any, will be set forth in writing, containing terms, including but not limited to financial
5.5 - For the collaborative research by the Parties, 'Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences' and 'University of Udayana' should be listed in the publication. The order of authorship will be determined based on the contribution to the published work.
6.  Organization and management
The collaboration will be managed by a committee composed of Dr. Xiaole Qi at HVRI/CAAS and Prof. Dr. I Gusti Ngurah Mahardika  at University of  Udayana.