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Buccal venom gland associates with increased of diversification rate in the fang blenny fish Meiacanthus (Blenniidae; Teleostei)

Targeted Sequencing of Venom Genes from Cone Snail Genomes Improves Understanding of Conotoxin Molecular Evolution

Evidence of host-associated divergence from coral-eating snails (genus Coralliophila) in the Coral Triangle

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Microbial community management in aquaculture

DNA barcoding reveals targeted fisheries for endangered sharks in

Molecular analysis of hemagglutinin-1 fragment of avian influenza
H5N1 viruses isolated from chicken farms in Indonesia from 2008 to


Exploring the ocean for new drug developments: Marine pharmacology

Racun Kalajengking sebagai obat? Scorpion venom components as potential candidates for drug development